Commercial Premium Lubricants

Aerospace Technology Lubricants

The right choice lubricant for Commercial Industry

Cleaner Energy Better Life

China Petrochemical Corporation

A super large petroleum and petrochemical group, the company has a registered capital of 326.5 billion yuan with the board chairman of Sinopec Group serving as its legal representative.

Industrial Lubricants

BLP Petroleum Sdn Bhd

We offer a wide range of products to heavy-duty industrial in Malaysia. BLP Petroleum has more confidence in SINOPEC products as the blending plant is located in Singapore.

SINOPEC, Your right choice

A world-leading brand

5 Good Reasons for SINOPEC

> Aerospace technology premium lubricant
> Blending Plant in Singapore obtains a strictly quality control system.
> Blend with mineral oil is Group II base oil, it has high V.I., high dropping point, more purity, and low volatility
> International Approval
> 2000+ variants of lubricant products

Product Range

21 categories with 2000 variants including Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Extreme Pressure Grease, Multi-Purpose Grease widely serving different industries like automotive, aviation, aerospace, marine, machinery, steel, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical and electric industries, etc.  

Blending Plant

SINOPEC had set up a Blending Plant in SINGAPORE. Singapore is an international shipping hub and one of the world’s largest oil refining and additive production centers. This location choice allows SINOPEC to source 90% of its base oil requirements locally.

Letter of Authorized Distributor

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