SINOPEC – 1,000 Hydrogen Refueling Stations be Built in Next Five Years

Mr. Ma Yongsheng, President of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, has proposed to accelerate hydrogen energy industry development during the Two Sessions recently held in Beijing. Mr. Ma suggested devoting more efforts to top-level design, core technology R&D, standard system formulation, and industrial policy support. As a secondary […]

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CDC team: ‘War has changed’ as DELTA variant dangers emerge

New evidence showing the delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox and may be more dangerous than other versions of COVID has prompted U.S. health officials to consider changing advice on how the nation fights the coronavirus, internal documents show. Recommending masks for everyone and requiring vaccines for doctors and other health workers are among […]

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U.S. Base Oil Price Report

It has been another active week in the U.S. base oils market, with no signs of the “dog days of summer” so typical of years past. Demand held at steady levels, making it difficult for suppliers to catch up on orders and build inventories. Spot prices continued to be exposed to upward pressure due to […]

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