–Ranked 2nd on Global Fortune 500 Companies Worldwide for Year 2015–

—The 2nd  largest oil refiner in world—

Lubricant Company, SINOPEC Corp.

  • Aerospace technology lubricant.
  • Developed various lubricant products to meet market’s need.
  • Lubricants’ Technical approvals from famous OEMs.
  • Have R&D centres to do research and analysis.
  • Development of lubricant business overseas.


Aerospace Technology 
Since 1950s, SINOPEC has served China Aerospace for more than 60 years. Successfully applied in “Shengzhou” series spaceships.


OEM Partner
SINOPEC obtained the trust and recognition from Automotive Manufacturers Worldwide.

SINOPEC Product Standard

1 research institute
4 R&D research centres
13 QC laboratories
360 engineers

SINOPEC Quality Assurance System
ISO9002 OHSAS 18001
ISO 14001 to ISO/TS16949
API members

Blending Plant 
SINOPEC had set up a Blending Plant in SINGAPORE. Singapore is an international shipping hub and one of the world’s largest oil refining and additive production centers. This location choice allows SINOPEC to source 90% of its base oil requirements locally.

Product Range
21 categories with 2000 variants including Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Extreme Pressure Grease, Multi Purpose Grease widely serving different industries like automotive, aviation, aerospace, marine, machinery, steel, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical and electric industries etc.

SINOPEC is aerospace technology premium lubricant.
SINOPEC invest a Blending Plant in Singapore, obtain a strictly quality control system.
SINOPEC Mineral Oil is Group II base oil, it has high V.I., high dropping point, more purity and low volatility.
SINOPEC product specifications indicate the product composition of base oils and additives. SINOPEC also certified by the International Approval.
SINOPEC is China’s national product, is not generally small units.
SINOPEC is able to provide more than 2000+ variants lubricant products.
⦁ With the trust and support of domestic and foreign customers, SINOPEC Lubricants will become a world leading brand.

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