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Lowering Energy Consumption Using Lubricants

Better and suitable lubrication can lead to dramatic energy savings.
How to measure energy savings? Ways to measure energy savings include production output, temperature changes, and electricity reduction.

Production Output

  • Given the same amount of time and a suitable lubricant is applying on a machine, a higher volume of products is being produced means that the machine had become more energy efficient.

Temperature Changes

  • Friction between two metal surfaces will result in high operating temperatures.
  • More energy is required to move the surfaces relative to one another, resulting in higher electrical power costs.
  • Lubricants can reduce that friction, less heat is generated and less electricity is required to drive a gearbox, compressor, pump, etc.

Electrical Reduction

  • When we think about energy consumption, we will immediately think about electrical consumption. Companies that upgrade their lubricants can make a reduction in power requirements, helping companies to save costs.
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